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About Us

Capturing the remarkable Dead Sea unique therapeutic mineral treasures, and bringing it to our customers has been top priority at Kianomer laboratories.

The laboratories are located in the southern town of Arad in Israel, only 10 km southwest of the Dead-Sea. We have been providing our line of product to the most prestige Dead Sea clinics for over 15 years with great success! Our line of products has been in high demand since day one.

So – why you didn’t hear of us before? We can now admit, we where naive in our marketing approach! We assumed that enormous popularity in the Dead-Sea region clinics would get us worldwide recognition… Now we know that we where the region’s best kept secret… keeping clients coming back.

But no more! We now bring you full 24-7-365, worldwide access, to our product line. Now you can have the most potent all-natural product from the Dead Sea region brought to your door with just a few clicks.

To date the Kianomer line is being actively sold in 15 countries and over 5 continents.

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